Maintenance Mechanic

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Maintains and repairs production machinery and plant equipment. Uses established preventative maintenance and work order programs to help ensure that all machinery and equipment runs safely, reliably and efficiently.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Performs assigned duties and acts in a manner that adheres to company safety policies and practices. Helps to maintain a safe work environment. Safety is a top priority in all aspects of this job.
2. Helps to ensure that all machinery and equipment run safely, reliably and efficiently.
3.Performs preventative maintenance on all machines and equipment by following established preventative maintenance schedules and work order programs.
4.Performs corrective maintenance or work order as assigned. For example, eliminates leaks, and makes production cycle yield and quality control adjustments.
5.Observes machinery and equipment in operation to identify existing or potential maintenance problems.
6.Informs maintenance management and production management of existing or potential areas of maintenance problems with production machinery and plant equipment.
7.Properly dismantles machinery and equipment to gain access to defective or worn parts for repair or replacement.
8.Properly repairs or replace defective or worn parts.
9.Installs special function and structural parts.
10.Lubricates and cleans parts.
11.Starts machinery or equipment to test their operation.
12.Sets up and operates lathe, mill, drill press, grinder and other metal-working tools to make and repair parts as necessary.
13.Reports purchase requirements for machine and equipment parts.
14.Prepares documentation as required.
15.Maintains a clean, safe and organized work area.
This is not an entry-level position and, as such, requires a minimum of two years of prior work-related experience and/or training in the repair and maintenance of production machinery.
Working knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics and electricity.
A High School diploma, or GED diploma, and a combination of work-related training and experience is required.

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